Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trying Something New…

I see on the MacSanta site that MarsEdit is on sale for 20% off today. Now, while I'm not above complaining, I haven't really commented on my general dissatisfaction with the editing tools for Blogger. In short, I don't care for the tools: even if they worked properly in Safari (and they don't), they'd still be a typically disappointing web application.

So, the next few posts will be done with MarsEdit—let's hope that is a good thing. They will also be quite a bit lighter in content than my usual posting style—and that's certainly a good thing!

Update: Well, that was a nice start. Composing and uploading went just fine. This update is essentially just a way to test out editing an existing post.

Update 2: Editing an existing post went fine. Editing again to try adding some tags. As a whole, this seems to be working very well, even to the point where one could just work in MarsEdit and assume that it gets to Blogger correctly.

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