Sunday, February 17, 2008

SEEing LaTeX 27: End in Sight

The activity here today, after a few weeks of silence, reflects that I've finished the documentation. I've spent some time earlier today getting everything ready. Finally, I am very pleased to announce that you can download the mode.

What comes next? That depends on you! Download it, try it out, and let me know about any problems, either by posting a comment or by sending me some email.

Update: The scripts developed in this series have been incorporated into the LaTeX mode distributed with SubEthaEdit. It should not normally be necessary to download the mode from the link given here, but I'll leave the link active in case anyone sees a need for my version.

Update 2: With SubEthaEdit 3.5, the LaTeX mode linked here is out of date, not supporting folding. You should not use it without good reason, as the mode that comes with SEE has everying this version does and more. I will leave the mode available for now, but I don't see much use for it.

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