Saturday, January 5, 2008

SEEing LaTeX 22: Inline Math

Environments aren't the only thing common LaTeX constructs that are awkward to type. The delimiters for inline math are pretty awkward, too. Let's add those, too:
set mathText to selectionText()
set wrappedText to "\\( " & mathText & " \\)"
setSelectionText to wrappedText
if (length of mathText) equals 0 then
    set {startChar, nextChar} to selectionRange without extendingFront or extendingEnd
    setSelectionRange to (startChar + length of mathText + 3)
end if

on seescriptsettings()
    {displayName:"Inline Math", keyboardShortcut:"@~^m", inContextMenu:"yes"}
end seescriptsettings


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