Sunday, January 6, 2008

SEEing LaTeX 23: Am I Done?

Last July, I listed some desirable features for the LaTeX mode for SubEthaEdit. The mentioned features were integrating with a PDF viewer using pdfsync, enabling insertion of citation keys in bibtex format, allow typesetting by calling pdflatex from within SEE, cleaning up auxiliary files, and commenting out selected lines. I also mentioned that it might be nice, if inessential, to be able to insert environments and formatting.

I've accomplished all of that. As well, I have introduced a mechanism for customizing the shell script environment for the mode and have developed a set of AppleScript handlers useful for scripting SEE. I'm quite pleased with how all of that has worked out. Not only do I now have a LaTeX mode that covers my main needs, but I've got a solid foundation on which I - and hopefully others! - can build support scripts for other modes.

That said, the LaTeX mode is not quite finished. It's clear that I should write some documentation, and add a "Mode Help" menu item. I should also better document SubEthaEditTools. Beyond that, there are two additional tasks.

First, the scripts in the LaTeX mode menu should be put into some sort of reasonable order, rather than the haphazard order that currently is there. The items appear in order based on the names of the scripts, which can differ from the entry in the menu. What is the right order to use?

Second, I've omitted some important elements of a LaTeX system, because latexmk handles them for me. For example, I have not provided a way to run bibtex. Should additional elements be added? If so, which? bibtex? makeindex? Something else?

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