Sunday, January 6, 2008

SEEing LaTeX 24: For Completeness, BibTeX

I guess the right solution is to add a menu item for running bibtex, and that's it. Since I don't use makeindex myself, I'll leave that aside, unless someone wants to contribute scripts or just examples of use. I'd guess that the scripts would be easy enough, just adapt the ones I'll present for BibTeX.

Here's the AppleScript:
checkSaveStatus without updating
set bibScript to join of {modeEnvironment(), quotedForm for "$SEE_MODE_RESOURCES/bin/", quotedForm for documentPath()} by space
do shell script bibScript

on seescriptsettings()
    return {displayName:"Run BibTeX"}
end seescriptsettings


And here's the shell script that it calls:

#$Id:,v 1.1 2008/01/06 19:09:49 mjb Exp $

export PATH

BIBTEX=${SEE_BIBTEX:-'bibtex "$(basename $FILE .tex)"'}
FILE="$(basename "$1")"
DIRNAME="$(dirname "$1")"

eval $BIBTEX

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